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The Gwinnett Online Campus Health and Personal Fitness courses teach the same AKS and Indicators of Achievement as all Gwinnett County Schools. We offer these two graduation requirements during all semesters, including summers, to all Gwinnett County students. Electives (Advanced Personal Fitness, Body Sculpting, and Recreational Games) are available for full-time students only.

Personal Fitness (required for graduation)

Students in Personal Fitness will create a Personal Fitness Portfolio. Course content will also include tests and quizzes over exercise safety, training principles, nutrition, and lifelong fitness. Fitness tracking will count as classwork on a weekly basis. The video below will help explain the process of the portfolio.


Tracking Exercise in the Online Setting

A GOC Physical Education student will be required to plan out their exercise requirements every 3 weeks, and create new plans with increased training throughout a semester. Once the plan is set students will track their exercise using a heart rate tracking device or Fitbit app along with a GOC Fitness Log. All exercise sessions are summarized and validated on a GOC Fitness Log and turned in at the end of each week (by Sunday at midnight of each week).

Click HERE for detailed instructions of how to track and validate exercise.
Click HERE for a copy of the GOC Fitness Log.

Fitness Tracking Technology

Fall and Spring Semesters

Gwinnett Online Campus provides the Fitbit Charge HR or Charge 2 for FULL-TIME GOC STUDENTS ONLY who want to check out a device, or full-time students can choose the Fitbit App as preference to fitness tracking. Students who in enroll in our program from other schools will need to utilize the Fitbit App (a free download to a smartphone) OR use their own device. A device MUST track heart rate. Any device can be used, as long as it tracks heart rate (Apple Watch, Polar, Garmin, Fitbit Charge HR, Charge 2, Blaze or Surge). The information tracked will need to be shared with the teacher showing complete heart rate data, date/time, and length of each session. Students learn how to share information with the teacher at the beginning of each course. 

The first two important factors to consider are HEART RATE OR PACE of exercise. Both of these components will tell the teacher the intensity level of the student’s workout (a key component to the delivery of a PE program online). Two other key components is sharing the length of time in each exercise session, and the calendar date of the exercise session. Below are examples of validating screenshots from a Fitbit App, Fitbit device, and Apple Watch.
Fitbit App Graphic
Fitbit Charge 2 Graphic
Apple Watch Graphic

Health (required for graduation)

During each semester Health has reading assignments along with numerous written assignments, discussions, and possible projects each week. Regular semesters operate on weekly deadlines (everything listed for a current week must be completed by Sunday night). Summer semesters operate on daily deadlines. Students enrolled in the health course are allowed to work ahead, but all assignments, including tests and quizzes, must be completed by the deadline posted in the course calendar. On average students should expect to spend up to 60 minutes a day per semester, and up to 4 hours a day in the summer session.

We provide students information for the online version of ADAP  (needed for a driver's license  before the age of 18). Click HERE for the information on how to obtain a certificate. If you have lost your certificate you can visit the eADAP website and follow instructions for "Print Certificate". 

Department Chair:  Kristi Rhine

Kristi Rhine

Ms. Kristi Rhine

Please contact Kristi Rhine with any questions or concerns.

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